Pyramid Large




Pyramid Large

Product Description: Clear Glass Bottle with cork stopper. 

Size: H. 37cm x W. 7.5cm

Holds 250grams of sand required  -Sand sold separately 



Coloured Sand Information

We colour our own sand, in Australia, with stylish, brilliant colours, using only top quality fine grain sand which make it terrific to pour and great to look at,  These product is perfect for that DYI sand art projects for any home decor, office or ceremony. With over 30 beautiful colours to choose from. Add some bling with our unique Sparkle range,  gives that extra little sparkle.   The ever increasingly popular sand ceremony is a fantastic way to add that extra sentiment to your ceremony, using colours to compliment you.  Include important family members in your ceremony as a symbol of togetherness. Special people, such as children and parents become a significant part of your ceremony by adding their own colour to your Unity vase. Coloured Sand and Ceremony Sand.


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