Sand Unity Ceremony Personalised Round 6 piece Set


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Sand Unity Ceremony Personalised Round 6 piece Set

This set includes: 5x Glass Pourers, 1 x Unity Glass Round Vase, 5 x 125grams Coloured Sand of your choice, Personalised message printed on vase, Names printed on pourers and Ribbon.


Coloured Sand Unity Ceremony 6 piece Set

Unity Sand Ceremony adds a special and meaningful touch to your Wedding, with all your wedding guests witnessing the unity of the Bride and Groom at the start of their lives together. Our Wedding Unity Sands set, includes 5x pourers jars and one major vase and 5x 125g of coloured sand of your choose and options for personalised message printed on vase and pourers. Colour Sand Unity Ceremony many people can be included in this ceremony, they choose a sand colour and pouring jar and pour into the major jar, once ceremony is completed this unites as a family and  symbolising unity into their newly married life together.  Our sands are coloured by us, using fine grade sand, to easy flow and beautiful, vibrant colours. Unity sets can be used for any ceremony and celebrations, in Weddings, Naming Days, Mourning and Memorial ceremonies. Additional Pourers and Sand can be purchased to add to you set for if needed. All the sand quantities, has been worked out for you to make sure you have enough sand for your set to fill it. Our sets are designed to provide you with a complete set, no more shopping and expensive for your Sand Unity Ceremony Set.


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