Wedding Unity Coloured Sand Ceremonies and Celebrations

Just as grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual container. So will the marriage be an inseparable union

Unity Sand Ceremony adds a special and meaningful touch to your wedding, with all your wedding guests witnessing the unity of the bride and groom at the start of their lives together. As sand pours into the major jar, symbolising unity into their newly married life together. 

Unity Sand Ceremony, many people can be included in this ceremony, they choose their own colour sand and with pouring vessels, pour into the major jar.  At the end of the wedding the family has a beautiful keepsake of the ceremony. 

Coloured Sand Wedding Unity Sets, includes pourers, major sand vase and coloured sand of your choice (sand purchased separately in shop) Additional pourers and sand can be purchased separately through the shop. For that unique and special meaning add a personalised message and sparkle to your sand. At the wedding the Bride and Groom pours their desired sand colour from their own pouring jar, together into the major jar.

At Highlight Candle and Sands, we provide beautiful, flowing, vibrant sand colours for you sand ceremony. Our sand is excellent grade and colour it ourselves.

Mourning Unity Sand Ceremonies

Unity Sand Ceremony adds that special unity environment for people at a funeral or wake. At the funeral or wake invite people to choose their colour sand and pouring vessel, come forward and pour their sand into the major vessel. This can be given to their spouse as a keep sake.

Featured Sand Unity Sets