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Personalised and Customised Candles for Ceremonies and Celebrations

We specialised in Personalised Individually Crafted Candles for Weddings, Wedding Unity Sets, Baptisms, Christenings, Naming Day, Memorial, Pet Memorial, Graduations, Birthdays and other special occasions and all your ceremonies and celebrations

We use only top quality, smoke free and beatifully made candle to make a lasting keepsake. With many graphics, fonts, colours and features to choose from. We work with you to ensure you get beautiful candles, exactly as you want them. We can even print photos on the candles. We send you proofs of your candle design via email for your approvals before printing commences.

We work with you to design the candle you want, we individually craft and customised for you. Use our candle designs in website or we will design your candle for you. Our Designer will contact you within 24 hour of order. Our Five beautiful Ribbon Designs, makes your candle classic, elegant and timeless. We have a large range of different size Pillars candle, to choose from. Candle Colour White.

We catering for orders that is required for a specific timeframe, Allow two weeks for orders from design and dispatched.

Wedding Unity Candle

Personalised Wedding Candle adds a lovely extra touch to your Wedding Day, symbolising your union

Wedding Unity Ceremony Candle Sets

Candle light Unity Ceremony symbolises the unity of two lives as one.

Once the vows have been exchanged, a representative of each family are invited to light the family candles symbolising the two separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends, the bride and groom then lights their own taper candles and together lights the unity candle.

Light the unity candles represents your two lives are now being joined as one, “blessing of your Union”.

Bonbonnieres & Wedding Thank you gifts

Bonbonnieres are little guest gifts, thanking your guests for sharing your special day with you.  You can have messages on these candles, your guest name, (acting as a guest seat label), thank you message, Bride and Groom names and wedding date, a beautiful commemorative gift.

Wedding Memorial Candles

Memorial Wedding candles for a absent loved one on your Wedding day, lit at the beginning of the ceremony, a memorial candle flame burning is a visual and a symbolic way to include a loved one in your ceremony.

A photo of 4 white candles with gold writing. Specifically made for funerals, weddings or similar ceremonies

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Our range of Personalised and Customised Candles Includes:

  • Wedding Unity Candles Sets
  • Wedding Family Candles
  • Wedding Single Candles
  • Wedding Memorial Candles
  • Baptism Candles
  • Baptism Candles Sets
  • Naming Day Candles
  • Naming Day Candles Sets
  • Christening Candles
  • Christening Candles Sets
  • Memorial Candles
  • Pet Memorial Candles
  • Birthdays, Anniversary and Special Occasions
  • Welcoming Babies Candles

Candle Size and Burn Times:

  • Round 9×3 (23×7) – 95hours
  • Round 9×2.5 (20×6) – 80hours
  • Round 6×2.5 (15×6) – 50hours
  • Round 6×2 (15×5) – 38hours
  • Round 4×2 (10×5) – 26hours

A bunch of pink roses with green leaves, on a wooden table, next to two candles. One candle has a pink bow and one has a blue bow. Both candles are ceremony candles.

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